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We understand the importance of an effective and efficient checking service as part of an organisations overall safeguarding and compliance responsibilities and Suffolk County Council has been a registered umbrella body with the Disclosure and Barring Service since the introduction of CRB checks in 2002.

In addition to managing checks for Suffolk County Council employees and volunteers we are also currently the main provider of DBS checks to schools in Suffolk as well as a growing number of academies and other organisations. 

Through our online application system we are able to process checks for organisations based anywhere in the UK and our experienced customer advisors are on hand to provide support for any enquiries you may have.

Once you have an account with us, getting a DBS check carried out is quick and easy and follows the simple steps below:

1. You give us the email details for the individual applying for the check (applicant) and those of the person who will be validating their identity documents (ID verifier).

2. We create usernames and passwords for both the applicant and the ID verifier and send them separate emails with their login details and clear instructions on what they need to do. 

3. The applicant uses the link to access this site and logs in to complete the simple, easy to follow form. The online system also has built in checks to prevent a form from being submitted if it’s incomplete or contains errors, saving time and frustration.

4. Once complete, an email is sent to the applicant confirming that their form has been successfully submitted and a separate email is sent to the ID verifier to notify them that the form has been submitted and is now awaiting completion of the ID section.

5. Once the ID verifier has checked and verified all of the relevant documents they log into the site, complete the information in the ID section and submit the form.

6. We then electronically countersign the online form and submit it to the Disclosure and Barring service for online processing. 

7. The current average turnaround time for the outcome to be returned is 5 days and both the applicant and the ID verifier get an email notification of this. The applicant will then continue to receive a hard copy of their disclosure certificate in the post.

No more paper. No more postage. Access anywhere by PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

In addition to the full cost of the DBS check we charge a handling fee of just £12.50 per check.

dbschecks@suffolk.gov.uk for further information on how to get started.